Amazon rushes to remove leaked images of a new Fallout series

Shaun M Jooste


Fans of Fallout 4 were all abuzz recently when new leaked footage of an Amazon Fallout series appeared on Reddit and Twitter. While the news spread on the internet like fire on a straw pile, Bethesda and Amazon quickly moved to have all traces of the images scrubbed. That doesn’t mean we don’t know about it, though.

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The leak first emerged on Reddit, mentioning details of a farm and Vault 32 in the new Fallout series. Sadly, if you head to the subreddit now, the poster indicates that he decided to take it down. It seems they’re afraid that someone from Amazon or Bethesda will take action.

Amazon rushes to remove leaked images of a new Fallout series

It wasn’t the end of the leak, thanks to us adoring Fallout fans. Hunter headed to Twitter to share the same footage of the Fallout series, receiving quite a few positive comments. Once again, if you head there, you’ll see that Twitter removed the images due to copyright issues. Well done, Bethesda and Amazon. Well done.

All these actions to take down the Fallout series footage may have been in vain. All of us waiting to see Fallout as a series or movie on TV will be speaking about this leak for many months to come. When they finally release a trailer or news about the launch, we can say we knew all about it months ago.

leaked images of a new Fallout series

Recently, we watched in amusement as Blizzard also scrambled to remove leaked details about Diablo IV. It seems like we gamers don’t know how to keep a tight lid on confidential information. Can you blame us, though? We’re just so excited about new developments that we can’t wait to tell the world!

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