Fallout 4, Soma, and other exciting game previews: let’s Click-Swipe-Play

Alex Beech


This week on Click-Swipe-Play, I am out of the office. So, instead of our normal review show, I am going to share with you four games that I am interested to see before the end of the year.

Fallout 4, Soma, and other exciting game previews: let’s Click-Swipe-Play

Soma, is my September pick. Developed by Fractional Games (Amnesia: The Dark Descent), this takes the company’s signature creepy style and attention to detail but launches it into space (Correction: Soma and Tocoma are oddly linked in my mind, however, while Tocoma is set in space, Soma is under the ocean – sorry for the confusion). I am hoping for a lonely sci-fi experience that mixes Event Horizon, 2001, and Alien (or maybe that should be The Abyss).

In October I am excited for Transformers: Devastation. I shouldn’t be on my list, Transformers movies and games have done nothing but disappoint. But this focuses on MY robots in disguise, 80’s G1 characters, all beautifully cell-shaded and beating the living tar out of each other in a title made by action masters Platinum Games.

November is my most predictable choice – Fallout 4. It’s obvious, but Bethesda Game Studios’ RPGs have proven themselves time and again. Plus, after Skyrim, the stakes are high for them to produce something truly special, and hopefully more technically competent.

To round off the year I am going with Hitman. With Just Cause 3 out the week before, this was a tough choice but I am hopeful it will surprise– if only because Square Enix are saying that “the experience begins” on December 8th, which is an odd way to announce anything.

That’s is it for my picks. There are comments below of course, so do let me know if you think there is something more interesting coming up that I missed.

It’s back to the standard review format net week. Subscribe so you don’t miss that, and I will see you then.

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